Help My Toddler Isn’t Napping!


Is your 2-year-old fighting their day’s sleep? 

Below are reasons why this may be happening.
1. A developmental leap – Nap resistance often coincides with a leap in development either cognitive emotional or motor development. Your toddler is too busy figuring things in her head to even entertain the idea of sleeping! Be flexible but stay consistent, staying on track will ensure your naps return in a week rather than a month.

2. Moving to a big bed too soon – Often an 18-month-old to 2-year-old does not have the cognitive ability to know they have to stay in their big bed. Parents often think they have “cracked it” when for the first few weeks to months their “perfect little sleeper” stays in their big boy bed all night. The novelty soon wears off and they begin to wander at nap time, get out of bed, and open and close the door. Be cautious about making the transition before 2.5 years unless your little one is climbing out (on a side note, use a sleeping bag to deter this, if needed, put it with the zip backwards).

3. Sleep associations – This is usually the case if Bub hasn’t been the best of sleepers to start with. If you have not introduced a comforter or similar, do it now. There can often be a bout of separation anxiety around 2 years, a comforter can give reassurance and help your toddler look forward to special snuggle time with their favourite toy. If your child is not sleeping independently at night time, they probably won’t be doing it at naptime either, naps are harder to achieve than nights as a general rule…start with fading out some of those sleep associations that are connected to you at bedtime, if you would like your toddler to sleep independently at nap time.

4. The room environment – Is the room brightly lit? It’s not bedtime, it’s playtime! If the room is not conducive to sleep you will not have melatonin production on your side to help them relax down. Most adults close the blinds when they take a nap in the day….for good reason.

5. The timing of your nap – If your nap is too early or too late it will be completely out of, or on the edge of a sleep window which will make it difficult for your little person to nap easily.

If despite these tips your little one still isn’t napping, don’t assume it is time to drop the nap, get in touch for some personalised help!

toddler sleeping.jpeg