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As a baby sleep specialist, I have a desirable success rate when it comes to providing solutions for babies that don’t sleep well. I have also helped parents to achieve a desirable sleep routine for toddlers and young children.

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I never thought I would EVER need a sleep consultant – I’d read all the books, blogs and online courses and was surrounded by friends and family who had all sorts of ‘helpful’ advice. I’d also survived raising one bubba so I thought I knew what I was in for with the second. I was so wrong! With a shift-working husband, a spirited toddler whose own sleep was disrupted at the arrival of a sibling and a baby who seemed allergic to sleep, we had the ‘perfect storm’ of sleep deprivation. It was not a happy household.

After months of trying what felt like every sleep method under the sun (and moon…because, hey, I was awake 27/7) I finally saved Claire’s number. I still waited weeks before making the call (what was I thinking?!), but when I did the fog started to lift immediately. In just one visit she was able to understand our family dynamic, identify a few sleep roadblocks we hadn’t even thought of (despite having read the whole internet) and develop a sleep plan that worked for the whole family. This made such a huge difference because it took into consideration and respected our toddler and weekly commitments – which isn’t something any of the ‘one size fits all’ plans I’d tried could do without A LOT of tears from everyone.

I’m not saying it was easy, but with a tailored sleep plan and unwavering on-call support from Claire we were able to give our bubba the invaluable skill of self settling. I no longer have to feed him to sleep, we have a routine I can follow and also confidently adjust when ‘life happens’, and I can be available for my toddler rather than spending hours in a dark room rocking and shushing and praying. My only regret is not only that I didn’t get Claire in sooner, but that I didn’t use her for our first bubba!

I so strongly recommend her services…and also to get in early. Don’t wait until the sleep deprivation is high – do yourself, your bubba and the whole family a favour by getting Claire’s support to get those sleep skills sorted early. It’s seriously worth more than any piece of specialised baby equipment you could ever own’.

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Claire for her amazing expertise, advice and support in helping our 5 month old baby girl Zara to self-settle and sleep to a great routine. Prior to meeting her, we had been very tired with having to rock, sway and sing to our little girl for every sleep and sometimes this could be up to 30minutes! And she would also get up after 30 mins of a nap during the day. Within the first few days of sleep training, Zara slept through 1.5 – 2 hours of sleep during the day and also was able to self settle just by putting her in the cot and talking to her. We are truly blessed to have met Claire and would highly recommend her to any parents wanting help in this area.”

Words can not explain how grateful I am. Its been a whirl wind journey which i can proudly say i could not have ended it in a better way. Claire is our savior! As bub was waking almost hourly every night, had bad sleep associations such as rocking, bopping and swaying and was put to sleep anyway possible by the vacuum and white noise. I was running on empty, stressed out and very sleep deprived oh and very very anxious!!Once Claire started working with us all the bad sleep association my bub had were almost if not completely gone. Even taking his dummy away and i haven’t looked back since. Claire equips you with the right tools so you can handle any situation. And being a first time mum I’ve been given so much information i feel i can handle anything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!!”

We have a one year old that we couldn’t even lay in his cot to go to sleep, we ended up cuddling him off to sleep in our bed (where he would stay) every night. With a 3 year old and weeks off having baby # 3, both of us working full time, it was time to sort this out, after getting in contact with Claire and deciding to dedicate the time & effort to sorting this out – within 10 days we had a changed child. He was ready for bed come 7pm, and we can now lay him in HIS COT, and he will happily go off to sleep, only waking minimal during the nights. It was one of the best investments we have made for out family. A few hard days / nights. But very very worth it in the long run. Thank you Claire, I feel like you saved us.” ‘

Claire is a miracle worker! My little girl was waking up to 8 times a night and most nights staying awake in the middle of the night for hours. By night 2 we had seen a vast improvement and in just 2 weeks, we are having no more midnight parties and only one nighttime feed. Claire has taught me so much, I owe her my sanity!”

“I contacted Claire when my 4 month old daughter, Poppy, was having trouble with her day sleeps.  We were really struggling to get her past a catnap (30/40 minutes), it even got the point where I could only get 10 minutes out of her, a day!  Claire came out to our place and checked out Poppy’s sleeping environment and was able to make a few suggestions for us, and also gave us a plan of attack.  Poppy worked her way up to sleeping around 3.5-4 hours a day, over 3 naps!  I never thought it was possible, and thought that maybe Poppy ‘just didn’t need sleep’… What baby doesn’t need sleep??  Poppy is now 6 months old and starting to change her sleep habits again, Claire’s ongoing support has been amazing, she has been with me the whole way and I am confident that we will get through this transition smoothly with her help.  Prior to doing the sleep training Poppy was very difficult, always grumpy and tired, we didn’t even like taking her out as it always ended up with us rushing home to try and stop the crying!  Now she is a completely different baby, she doesn’t stop smiling and is always happy.  I highly recommend this training to anyone having trouble, it is possible to turn it around.  I couldn’t be happier.”

I am so pleased with how Alex is handling all this change – it suggests to me that HE needed this as much as I did. He already seems so much more content during his waking hours, it’s wonderful – thank you!!  Your instructions and responses to my questions are so clear and easy to follow (and make so much sense!),”

Thank you thank you thank you!!! For the first time in 3.5 years my little boy is putting himself to sleep without my husband or I having to lay down with him. I’m so proud of him and owe you our sanity… have made this family very happy!! X”

Claire’s advice is amazing to say the least, we have gone from an overtired baby waking every 30min to an hour all night unless co sleeping to self settling and sleeping through 12 hours in just a week. I never thought anyone was going to be able to help but Claire is fantastic. She give great continuous support anytime you need her. Highly recommend calling her. Thank you sooooo much!! Xx”

Claire was a godsend to our family! She was so warm and gentle with my baby and took the time to get to know his personality. The plan she helped us put in place has changed my catnapper in arms to a fabulous cot sleeper, happy to take lovely long naps and settling so easily with no crying needed at any stage. The ongoing support Claire provides is outstanding.”

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