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You’re desperately trying to give your baby the sleep they need but you are exhausted and overwhelmed with the enormous amount of conflicting information and unsolicited advice from sleep “programs”, friends, and multiple professionals. You don’t want to cause your baby distress, but you want to get out of this never-ending loop of constant wake-ups. You don’t know where to turn and are left wondering “Is this it? Is it supposed to be this hard?” .….You want to feel supported and guided by somebody who has the experience to take your hand and show you exactly what will get results for your family.

There is so much information out there, being a parent is so overwhelming. We are separated from “the village” that our parents and grandparents lent on to help raise their babies. We are often expected to return to work shortly after the birth of our child. We are told not to let our baby cry, but also told not to co-sleep. Every professional has a different suggestion to improve things, but it feels like none of it works. There are so many different sleep books, and programs, all which directly contradict the previous one, and who has time to read? And what if our child does not fit the prescribed schedule? And what about these unicorn babies that sleep from 7-7 from 7 weeks? And what did we do wrong?

I understand you are confused and exhausted, and how much you crave simplicity and joy for your family. I know all too well the feeling of asking everyone you know hoping something will “stick”. I have been there, and have two incredibly spirited children, who certainly did not come into this world gifting me with sleep. I understand the kind of tired where your bones hurt, and I promise I can help you to restore sleep to your home!


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Meet Claire

Bubba Sleep was born from a passion to make sure that other Mum’s did not have to go through the complete torture of chronic sleep deprivation after I suffered so much with my first baby, desperate for help that just was not available. I was actually hospitalised for what sleep deprivation did to me.

I love supporting people, I love empowering families to feel confident in their parenting choices, I love bringing calm to the chaos, and I, of course, love children. Children bring so much uniqueness and wonder to our lives, and I want you to be able to fully enjoy the ride, without being dragged down by exhaustion. For over 10 years I have been restoring sleep to families both in Australia and Internationally. I have worked with babies with reflux, and multiple health issues, families living in tiny homes with limited space, families with 7 children, families that have been to sleep school 5 times and “failed”, families who have 25 wake-ups per night, families with 3 children in their bed, and every parenting style out there. There is so much diversity, I always find a solution to help, and I could not imagine doing anything else!

We work together so that you do not feel pressured to undertake anything you are uncomfortable with, I meet you where you are at, without judgment, and work one on one, providing daily support as and when you need it to guide you through the process of getting your baby, toddler or child to sleep.

Baby Sleep Consultant Sunshine Coast Claire Anderson

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