5 baby sleep products worth buying!!


Many of us spend hundreds on products to help bubba sleep better. The majority of these products fail to help! Here are my 5 top products that will actually be worth buying. 

1. A decent swaddle like a Miracle Blanket https://www.thesleepstore.com.au/shop/wraps/fitted-wraps/unisex/miracle-blanket-natural-miracle-blanket
 Or a big flat muslin like Aden and Anais:  https://www.thesleepstore.com.au/shop/wraps/muslin-wraps/unisex/aden-anais-4pk-muslin-wraps-dreamer
these are so important for good sleep from birth. 

2. A good white noise machine, that actually turns up loud enough and plays continuously. This one says it shuts off after 15 minutes but i have used it at a clients house and it does have an option to play continuously, and is loud. https://www.babybunting.com.au/my-baby-sound-spa-on-the-go.html

3. A comforter. Many of my clients bubs love the Jelly Cat rabbits, soft and gorgeous!! http://www.jellycat.com/eu/bashful-bunnies/ 

4.  A helpful wind down after a busy day for a toddler is an audio from Dinosnores https://www.thesleepstore.com.au/shop/toolbox/relaxation-cds/story-cds/dinosnores-tyrannasaurus-relaxation-story-cd

5. Some black out blinds, for sensitive sleepers! These go anywhere, you can also get blinds for a pram if your bubba needs to nap on the go. Remember, you can not force a sensitive sleeper to sleep easily in the light, it is best to work with it as much as you can to avoid an overtired cranky child. https://www.thesleepstore.com.au/shop/myroom/blackout-shade/-none-/the-gro-company-gro-anywhere-blackout-blind-black