My newborn won’t sleep, can you help? I thought “sleep training” was for older babies?

Yes I certainly can help with newborns! I don’t like the term sleep “training”. I don’t train babies, I help you help them learn how to sleep!  With a newborn, we focus on overstimulation, overtiredness, appropriate wake time and wind down, and helping their circadian rhythms develop. It’s not about “sleep training” with newborns, it’s about setting the stage. We can’t force a baby to sleep, and particularly with newborn babies, we can only make the conditions optimal for sleep and gently guide them until their sleep begins to consolidate at around three or four months of age. I can show you how to do this so you get off on the right foot and prevent sleep problems from emerging further down the track.

What methods do you use?

I use a range of methods! I don’t do “one size fit’s all”.  We pick a method together, and then I support you to implement it.  Depending on your situation, I tailor a sleep solution individual to your child that complements your particular parenting style and sleep philosophy. I will not make you do something that doesn’t feel right to you. I will also tell you if I do not feel a particular method will suit your child, or if one particular way of doing things will work best for their age or personality.

How long will it take?

This depends largely on the consistency and commitment of everyone involved. I’ve seen changes happen in 24 hours, some have taken 3 or 4 weeks. It depends on the child’s personality, family’s consistency and how long the issues have been going on.

Will my baby cry?

I have found that the amount of crying is largely dependent on bub’s personality rather than the method used. If you have an easy going baby he may well just have a little whinge.  If you have a very willful baby he may put up a fuss. Although I do have a preference to methods that promote attachment, even with the gentler methods there can be some crying. Your little one is simply saying “hey, hey we don’t do it this way, what are you doing?” They are not traumatized by the experience they are simply letting you know they are confused and frustrated with the “new” way of doing things. I ensure that before we even discus any kind of methodology that I ask lots of questions to make sure that the environment is conductive to sleep and that the baby or child is on an appropriate wake time for their age, that they are not over or under stimulated and that there are no health issues outstanding that would hinder any progress.

How much does it cost?

My prices are very affordable. Depending on the level of support you require we can work out a price that suits your budget. Give me a call or send me an email and we can work out what package will be most suitable for your needs.

I can’t afford it, do you offer payment plans?

YES! I can offer a payment plan to suit you, please call me to discuss this option.