There is an old saying that Mum and Dad sleep when the baby sleeps. But for most parents this is easier said then done! If there is one thing all parents can relate to it’s the test of trying to get their baby or toddler into a healthy sleeping pattern. How many hours have you spent pacing, rocking, singing and story telling trying to get your little one to settle for the night? How many times do you retire to your own bed thinking your efforts have been successful before the cycle starts again?

This cycle is not healthy for your baby and it’s not healthy for you. But for every problem there is always a solution, because here at Bubba Sleep I will help you take the necessary steps towards creating an uninterrupted night for the whole family!



Phone Consultation

I am only ever a phone call away. I provide phone consultations Australia wide because I believe no mother or family should ever feel like there is no one there to help them


In-Home Consultation

Home visits are a great way for a qualified baby sleep consultant to get to know you, your little one and the home environment on a more personal level.


Email Assessment

This package is suited for less complex sleep issues. After reviewing your intake form I tailor a plan to suit your parenting style, and child.

Success Stories

We are truly blessed to have met Claire and would highly recommend her to any parents wanting help in this area.
Thank you thank you thank you!!! For the first time in 3.5 years my little boy is putting himself to sleep without my husband or I...
I am so pleased with how Alex is handling all this change – it suggests to me that HE needed this as much as I did.
Claire was a godsend to our family! She was so warm and gentle with my baby and took the time to get to know his personality.


I am a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant on the Sunshine Coast who specialises in creating tailored sleep methods to suit your family’s and your baby’s needs. My own experiences as a Mother and love for children is why I believe so strongly in helping improve the sleep of your whole family!

Unlike most “sleep schools” I will personally help create a customised routine for your family as I believe no two babies or families are the same.

To make the process as easy as possible for both you and your baby my customised Bubba Sleep packages and personalised approach will:

  • Evaluate your baby’s current sleeping pattern and identify the source of their unsettled sleep
  • Create a comprehensive action plan tailored specifically to yours and your family’s needs
  • Achieve uninterrupted sleep for your baby and the whole family
  • Provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process
  • Achieve your sleep goals in a very short period of time